We are a Robotics Company who develops and manufactures Robots and IOT Devices and also work for stem education. We also sell Robotics parts and gadgets.

About Our Company

UV Technologies and Robotics

UV Technologies and Robotics is a startup company based in Bangladesh .Established in june of 2020, UVTR started its operations with the aim to solve real life problems with the introduction of advanced robotics related services to the general public.

Our team mainly works on products associated with Ultraviolet Technologies and Robotics. UVTR Bangladesh has tried to inaugurate various innovations of the tech world into our daily lives in the household and workspace. The UVLR Disinfection and Patient Assistance Robot introduced by us is the first of it’s kind in Bangladesh. UV Technologies and Robotics aims to achieve advancement in STEM education through hosting seminars, webinars and workshops on the affiliated topics.

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